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Canapes & Cocktails

A perfect pairing

The delicate art of small bites meets the inspired flavours of iconic handcrafted cocktails.

This is where exquisite flavors dance and intertwine to create an unforgettable symphony of taste. Imagine sipping a refreshing, zesty Mojito, the perfect partner to a zingy ceviche on a crispy tortilla. Or perhaps you fancy a velvety Manhattan, its robust rye flavors beautifully complemented by a bite-sized Beef Wellington, the rich pastry and tender meat mellowing the cocktail's potent kick. We team with Kindred Spirits to deliver this culinary experience.

Like us at Salt & Seed, Kindred Spirits pride themselves to put the quality of service and professionalism as their highest priority without being stuffy.


The custom-built bar is sure to impress and fits in any kind of setting. They customise their incredible cocktails and bar service to fit your event.

Take a look at Kindred Spirits' website to learn more about their amazing cocktails, bar, and staff.

What to expect from us

Send us an email.

We will discuss the number of attendees and what style of service suits you best.

We will also go over any dietary requirements for you or your guests. Feel free to let us know of any requests you have.

Once we know what we’re looking at, we will send you food and cocktail menus to look over and a quote. It just takes a 30% deposit to confirm the date. The full payment will be due three weeks prior to the event with confirmation of the final number of attendees.

We will call you a week before the event to see if everything is going to plan. In case of any final changes in numbers or dietary requirements, this should give us ample time to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Ben was helpful & responsive from the first point of contact, instilling confidence and making the coordination lead up very easy. Ben & his dreamteam delivered an incredibly friendly, adaptable and high quality cocktail bar service for our 50+ guests. They made the night so fun! We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Charni Peat

Cosmopolitan cocktails by Kindred Spirits
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